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Orchard Bee Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the use of native and naturalized bees in orchards.

Dates set for 2014 meeting

Those of you that attended last year's meeting know how productive it was.  This year promises to be even better!  It is scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, September 25-27, at the Utah State University Kaysville Education Center The format will be similar to last year, with Thursday and Friday being "members only" and Saturday being geared to the public.

More information to come! 

Minutes from 2011 OBA meeting

A vision of the end game

  • We’ve all agreed that OBA makes sense.  By having a vision of a mature organization 5 years in the future, this sets a purpose and flow to our conference.

Science - current

  • What has occurred over the past year in studies from ARS/Logan Bee Lab and elsewhere (We’re looking for video tie-in to Biddinger)  Derek is running this session.


  • Presentation by the standards-creation team.  Discussion, adjustment, and either acceptance or suggestion for final work

Certification of pollinators and bee producers

  • We discussed this as a future possibility.  Why does this make sense?  Who is a testing firm we should use.  Who will care?  Will people pay more for this?

Creative Bee thinking

  • What BOB peculiarity is going on?  Last year Gerald had some great thoughts.  I’m thinking specific mud is important.  Let’s openly discuss random thoughts.  Flight patterns, nesting behavior, production numbers, pest observations, etc.


  • Presentation by the charter-creation team

Methodology of pollination

  • Although we discussed last year that each crop, climate, etc. is too varied to have an exact method laid out, the leafcutter industry has common methodology for alfalfa, canola, and other crops.  We should look to consider processes to think through almonds, apples, cherries, blueberries, and ?


  • What efforts are important for the next year to gain BOB/JOB credibility throughout various commercial crops

Science studies going forward

  • After we’ve had multiple side discussions, what studies would make best sense to request from our science partners?

Strategy of the industry

  • Putting actions, milestones, studies, and plans together to meet our 5 year vision

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